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LaserNetUS Cycle 1 Experiments Announced

Mar 19, 2019. Awarded Experiments

The LaserNetUS PRP has announced the final list of experiments accepted for Cycle 1, shown below

Proposal # Principal Investigator Proposal Title
Advanced Beam Laboratory
K21 Bailly-Grandvaux Enhanced laser-proton acceleration from micro-tube foil targets
K06 Fernandez MeV photon generation with PW high rep-rate lasers: improving the scientific basis and demonstrating calibrated digital radiography
K34 Clark The utilization of time resolved x-ray spectroscopy to measure two important plasma processes: 1) The electron-ion temperature relaxation and 2) ionization potential depression
K43 Kraus Profiling Plasma Parameters with High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of He-like Self-Emission from Buried Tracer Layers
Scarlet Laser Facility
K07 Fernandez First demonstration of a laser-driven neutron-beam source at high repetition rate with liquid crystal targets
K32 Cochran Experimental Avenues Toward High Average Proton Flux at BELLA
Laboratory for Laser Energetics: OMEGA EP
K23 Krushelnick Relativistic electron confinement by laser generated B-fields
K20 McGuffey Creation of multiply-ionized copper using proton isochoric heating
K03 Valdivia Leiva Electron Density Imaging of Irradiated Foils through Talbot-Lau X-ray Deflectometry
K24 Chen Exploring Novel Target Designs for High Yield Laser Created Relativistic Pairs
Center for Ultrafast Optical Science: HERCULES
K30 Mikhailova Generation Efficiency and Divergence of Relativistic High-Order Harmonic Emission from Plasma Mirrors at Ultrahigh Laser Intensities
K40 Shahani High resolution Microtomography of Quasicrystalline Alloys using a Laser-Driven X-ray Betatron Source
Center for High Energy Density Science
K41 Rinderknecht Megatesla magnetic fields and enhanced gamma-ray beam generation
K35 Curry Time-resolved magnetic field topology in ultra-high intensity laser plasma interactions
K39 Mackinnon Experimental Measurement of Mutual Diffusivity in Warm Dense Matter
Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center
K33 Kuranz Phase Contrast Imaging of a Shock with a betatron x-ray source
K16 Schumacher First Demonstration of Sustained, High Repetition-Rate Plasma Mirrors for PW Contrast Enhancement and Beam Redirection
Jupiter Laser Facility
K42 Gao Angular dependence of particle acceleration due to magnetically driven reconnection at low plasma beta using laser-powered capacitor coils
Extreme Light Laboratory
K36 Reis Relativistic intensity diagnostics for SFQED experiments
K19 Peatross Polarization-Resolved Measurements of Nonlinear Thomson Scattering
K10 Kantsyrev Study of x-ray line emission from high-Z multi-charged ions influenced by polarization.
Matter in Extreme Conditions
K18 Rao Ultrafast studies on non-equilibrium dynamics at ultrahigh pressures in soda-lime glasses
K17 Berboucha Ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy of warm dense iron

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