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LaserNetUS Cycle 6B Experiments Announced

Jun 27, 2024. Awarded Experiments

LaserNetUS has announced the final list of experiments accepted for Cycle 6B, shown below.

Phoenix Laser Laboratory

K-10105 Peebles, Jonathan Characterization of electromagnetic pulses generated by ns-scale laser-target interactions
K-10109 Meinecke, Jena High repetition rate exploration of Biermann-battery generated magnetic fields in pre-magnetized laser-produced plasmas
K-10110 Abler, Mel Laboratory Studies of 3D Kinetic-Scale Interactions of Plasma Flows with Magnetic Obstacles
K-10115 Mariscal, Derek Autonomous Physics-guided High-Repetition-Rate Laser-plasma Experiments through the Application of Machine Learning

Laboratory for Intense Laser-Matter Interaction Physics

K-10113 Sears, Jason Long range detection of radioactive materials using avalanche breakdown in air driven by a long wavelength infrared laser

Scarlet Laser Facility

K-10111 Reeves, Benjamin Pulsed laser crystal division for the synthesis of relaxed III-V films
K-10107 Shvets, Gennady Experimental verification of enhanced ion acceleration using an array nano-trenched silicon structures at SCARLET laser facility.


K-10114 Chowdhury, Enam Relativistic Laser Plasma interaction with mid-IR fields with liquid targets in ambient conditions
K-10106 Britton, Matthew Wavelength-tunable few-cycle pulses from the ultraviolet to the infrared using soliton dynamics in cascaded gas-filled hollow core fibers driven by a high energy mid-infrared ultrafast laser
K-10112 Smith, Herbie Optimization of EUV Generation from a Mid-IR Laser-Driven High Harmonic Source

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