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LaserNetUS Cycle 5 Experiments Announced

Nov 1, 2023. Awarded Experiments

LaserNetUS has announced the final list of experiments accepted for Cycle 5, shown below.

Advanced Beam Laboratory
K-10002 Milchberg, Howard Multi-GeV electron acceleration in meter-scale plasma waveguides
K-10033 Vaisseau, Xavier Proton beam focusing and isochoric heating of warm dense matter using hemisphere targets
K-10048 Hill, Matthew Data-driven x-ray spectroscopy using high repetition rate experiments
K-10051 Dollar, Franklin The impact of Sheath Dynamics on Radiation Generation in Laser Solid Interactions
K-10055 Williams, Gerald Developing high repetition-rate laser-driven neutron source for fusion material damage and multimodal radiography applications
K-10059 Berboucha, Meriame Investigating ultra-fast phase transition kinetics of warm dense iron and iron-nickel alloys relevant to the Earthis core conditions with a focused laser-wakefield-produced betatron source
Jupiter Laser Facility
K-10010 Katagiri, Kento Hugoniot measurements of strong-yet-ductile eutectic high entrophy alloy 
K-10011 Schenkel, Thomas Semiconductor doping with proton and ion pulses from laser-plasma accerleration 
K-10045 Snyder, Joseph Demonstrating Double Pulse Enhanced Target Normal Sheath Acceleration with LaserNetUS
Scarlet Laser Facility
K-10019 Thul, Daniel Single-shot, single-camera capture of full HED laser-plasma events using 2D GHz imaging source
K-10049 Stassel, Brendan Relativistic transparency of thin film targets with high-contrast ultrafast laser pulses
Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center
K-10036 Rinderknecht, Hans Particle Acceleration Dynamics in Relativistically-Transparent Microchannels
K-10039 Wang, Junzhi Controlled Betatron X-ray Generation 
Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS)
K-10040 Pagano, Isabella Phase-contrast imaging and 3D tomography of Inertial Confinement Fusion capsules with Laser Wakefield-Acceleration-based Betatron X-rays 
K-10042 D'Humieres, Emmanuel Ion Acceleration with few cycle pulses, using pulse post-compression 
K-10046 Boynukara, Canan Laser-Accelerated particles for in-depth analysis of historical violins
Institute of the Frontier of Attosecond Science and Technology (iFAST)
K-10024 Forbes, Ruaridh High-flux soft x-ray pulses via high-power single-cycle mid-infrared pulses
K-10004 Powell, Jeffrey Generating MeV Electrons in Ambient Air by Tightly-Focusing a Femtosecond Laser: Extending into MIR Wavelengths 
Laboratory for Laser Energetics: OMEGA EP
K-10058 Kuranz, Carolyn Shock Compression of Foam for Inertial Fusion Energy
Texas Petawatt (TPW) Laser
K-10026 Gonzalez-Izquierdo, Bruno Accessing Coulomb explosion acceleration via relativistic plasma shutter from a contrast-enhanced second harmonic glass laser system 
Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC)
K-10052  Reeves, Benjamin Pulsed Laser Liftoff of Single-Crystalline III-V Thin Films 


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