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LaserNetUS Cycle 2 Experiments Announced

Jan 3, 2020. Awarded Experiments

The LaserNetUS PRP has announced the final list of experiments accepted for Cycle 2, shown below

Proposal # Principal Investigator Proposal Title
Advanced Beam Laboratory
K061 Matthias Fuchs Enhanced Betatron X-ray Generation
K063 Derek Mariscal Precision-Shaped Short-Pulse Laser Pulses for Controlled Time-dependent Particle Acceleration
K070 Annie Klisnick (intl) THz streaking measurements for the temporal characterization of HHG-seeded XUV lasers operating in the dynamic regime of amplification
K072 Franziska Treffert (intl) Development of a high-repetition rate, bright neutron source utilizing a gas-accelerated heavy water microjet
K075 Shaun Kerr Charged particle reaction studies using nano-structure targets and ultra-intense lasers
K079 Amina Hussein The role of hot electrons in the generation of anomalous X-ray spectra from ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions
K082 Jerry Clark The utilization of time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy to measure two important plasma processes: 1) The electron-ion temperature relaxation and 2) ionization potential depression
Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center
K066 Nuno Lemos Enhancing the properties of particles using Compound Parabolic Concentrators and shaped short pulses
K090 Carolyn Kuranz Phase Contrast Imaging of Shock Formation and Propagation using Ultrafast X-rays from a Laser Wakeeld Accelerator at High Repetition-Rate
Center for High Energy Density Science
K050 Sasi Palaniyappan Laser-driven neutron source using near-critical plasmas
K069 Deepak Kumar (intl) High resolution imaging of resonantly accelerated electrons under tight focusing
K074 Toma Toncian (intl) Direct laser acceleration assisted by a megatesla-level plasma magnetic field
K080 Joseph Strehlow Laser pulse length and intensity study of enhanced laser-ion acceleration from micro-tube foil targets
Center for Ultrafast Optical Science: HERCULES
K059 Christopher Ridgers (intl) Observing quantum effects on radiation reaction with high-intensity lasers
K083 Peter Norreys (intl) Two-Pulse Ionization Injection in LWFA using Machine Learning Online Optimization
Extreme Light Laboratory
K067 Jennifer Elle Radio frequency electromagnetic pulses from ultrashort pulse electron beam interactions
K071 Thomas White Experimental Measurement of Mutual Diffusivity in Warm Dense Matter
Jupiter Laser Facility
K091 Jaebum Park Effects of plasma conditions and laser energy on neutron yield using nano-wire targets
Laboratory for Laser Energetics: OMEGA EP
K054 Yong-Jae Kim Extreme chemistry of SU
K062 Thomas Duffy Ultra-High Pressure Phase Transition in (Mg,Fe)O: Implications for Exoplanet Structure and Dynamics
K065 Hantao Ji Plasma Beta Dependence of Particle Acceleration from Magnetically Driven Collisionless Reconnection Using Laser-Powered Capacitor Coils
K068 William Fox Particle energization during magnetic reconnection in colliding magnetized plasmas at OMEGA EP
K089 Joohwan Kim Ion acceleration from multi-picosecond short pulse lasers interacting with under-dense plasmas
Matter in Extreme Conditions
K057 Nicholas Hartley (intl) Formation of Metallic Hydrogen in Shock-Compressed Hydrocarbons
K064* Pierre Gourdain (*Deferred) Controlling the radiation of x-pinches using high-power lasers at MEC
Scarlet Laser Facility
K056 Mihail Cernaianu (intl) Investigation of the effects of helical laser light with liquid crystal targets
K077 Ginevra Cochran Hot electron flux optimization studies using nanostructured targets and ultra-intense lasers

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