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LaserNetUS Cycle 4 Experiments Announced

Apr 22, 2022. Awarded Experiments

LaserNetUS has announced the final list of experiments accepted for Cycle 4, shown below.

Advanced Beam Laboratory
K160 Pomerantz, Ishay Helical Petawatt Beams with Spiral-Phase Plasma Mirrors
K168 Treffert, Franziska High repetition-rate, quasi-directional fast neutron source using converging D2O microjets
K180 Milchberg, Howard Multi-GeV electron acceleration in meter-scale plasma waveguides
K191 Kettle, Brendan Studying Non-Linear Compton Scattering at the Quantum-Classical Boundary using a Self-Reflecting Laser Wakefield Accelerator
K197 Kraus, Brian Transport in hot, solid-density plasmas via Ti microstructures and x-ray line shapes
K205 Kumar, Deepak Time resolved measurements of relativistic electrons accelerated in high intensity laser matter interaction
K208 Durfee, Charles Tilted-pulse ponderomotive snowplow electron acceleration
K218 Malko, Sophia Temporal control of tailored proton bunch using Particle Induced X-ray Emission
Jupiter Laser Facility
K170 Vadee le Brun, Malkiel Investigation of the non-stationarity of astrophysically-relevant Magnetized Collisionless Shocks, en route to the generation of fast shocks
K174 Schenkel, Thomas Semiconductor doping with proton and ion pulses from laser-plasma acceleration
K186 Aghedo, Adeola Characterization of bremsstrahlung emission from picosecond laser interaction with solids, using front surface target structures
K193 Beier, Nicholas Exploring the role of energetic electrons in volumetric heating of solid-density plasma using high-resolution time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy
K198 Park, Jaebum Effects of target parameters and laser pulse duration on neutron production from CD2 nano-wires
Scarlet Laser Facility
K169 Swanson, Kelly Optimization of Target Normal Sheath Acceleration
K175 Zeraouli, Ghassan Spectral pulse shaping for propagation based x-ray phase contrast imaging optimization
Laboratory for Laser Energetics: OMEGA EP
K196 Schaeffer, Derek Dependence of Particle Acceleration on Shock Structure in Magnetized Collisionless Shocks on OMEGA EP
K200 Manuel, Mario Characterization Of Early-Stage, Quasi-Parallel, Collisionless-Shock Formation
K206 Wadas, Michael Observation and scaling of vortex rings ejected from shock-accelerated interfaces
K207 Wicks, June In situ X-ray diffraction study of shock-compressed diamond: Improving EOS models through data-driven experimental design
K217 Oleynik, Ivan Exploring Metastability and Phase Transitions in Dynamically-Compressed Amorphous Carbon
Center for High Energy Density Science
K162 Steinke, Sven Second harmonic generation for PW-level contrast enhancement on a 100-fs glass laser system
Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center
K163 Snijders, Antoine Evaluating the radiobiological effects of laser-accelerated protons
K164 Diallo, Ahmed Spatio-temporal Phase-Contrast Betatron X-ray Imaging of a Laser-tin Target Interaction for EUV Lithography Source Development 
Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS)
K165 Ruggiero, Michael Driving Solid-State Reactivity with High-Field Terahertz Pulses
K167 Jaouen, Nicolas Betatron X-ray resonant magnetic scattering at the L-edge of rare earths 
K172 Cipiccia, Silvia Edge Illumination imaging of Si-based electrodes during lithiation using x-ray betatron radiation from a LWFA 
K173 Lelievre, Ronan Neutron beam characterization with ultra-short, high-repetition rate lasers with a view to nuclear physics and material science applications
K182 Ham, Byung-Kook (Brian) Dynamics of mineral nutrient distribution and homeostasis, at the cellular to whole-plant levels
K199 Hussein, Amina Investigation of pulsed discharges in water by betatron x-ray imaging 
K209 Shvets, Gennady High Harmonics Generation and Photon Acceleration in Solid Density Plasmas Using Ultra-Intense Mid-Infrared Laser Pulses at ALLS

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