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LaserNetUS Cycle 6A Experiments Announced

May 7, 2024. Awarded Experiments

LaserNetUS has announced the final list of experiments accepted for Cycle 6A, shown below.

Advanced Beam Laboratory
K-10078 Shrock, Jaron Multi-GeV electron acceleration in meter-scale plasma waveguides
K-10085 Kraus, Frances Two-Element Streaked X-ray Spectroscopy for Thermal Conductivity
Measurements of Solid-Density Plasmas
K-10086 Girard, Frederic Experimental demonstration of enhanced ion acceleration using a periodic array
of nano-trenched M-shaped meta-structure target via target normal sheath
acceleration mechanism.
K-10093 Durfee, Charles Parameter scaling of tilted-pulse ponderomotive electron acceleration
K-10095 Glenn, Griffin Laser-driven ion acceleration from pre-expanded near-critical density
converging H2O microjets
K-10097 Karimi, Seemeen Towards MeV-micron computed tomography using an optimized and actively
controlled high repetition-rate laser-driven x-ray source
K-10099 Liang, Edison Gamma photoneutron creation
K-10102 Grace, Elizabeth Investigation of electron transport and coupling with multi-layer targets and X-
ray spectroscopy in high-repetition-rate experiments
Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS)
K-10063 Armstrong, Chris Characterisation and control of X-ray polarization of laser-wakefield betatron
K-10094 Girard, Frederic Nanoscale Reshaping and Harmonics Generation from Silicon Microstructures
using Ultra-Intense Mid-Infrared Laser Pulses at ALLS.
K-10098 Hussein, Amina Investigation of failure dynamics in additively manufactured alloys using 3D
betatron x-ray tomography
Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center
K-10070 Leblanc, Adrien Probing strong-field quantum electrodynamics in the interaction of a Doppler-
boosted PW laser with matter
K-10103 Gerstmayr, Elias Flying focus enhanced Thomson scattering from laser wakefield accelerated
Jupiter Laser Facility
K-10068 Righi, Gaia Measurement of viscosity in CH-based plastics under diamond forming
K-10072 Dung, Phan Rapid neutron capture processes with high-flux neutron source via heavy water
ice target
K-10074 Hutchinson, Trevor Diffractive imaging of harmonically perturbed shock fronts
K-10079 Armstrong, Michael A systematic study of the effect of tamper materials on ablation depth and shock
generation as a function of pulse duration
K-10081 Schenkel, Thomas Laser-ion doping of semiconductors
K-10084 Stewart, Sarah The Shear Modulus of Solid Iron at Earth Inner-Core Conditions: A Transverse
Velocity Interferometer for Janus
K-10089 Shepherd, Ronnie Investigation of non-thermal electron collimation and optimization of electron
energy for application to electron fast ignition
K-10090 Crowhurst, Jonathan Investigating high-energy double pulse laser ablation in air for maximizing
shocks in metallic targets
K-10091 Longman, Andrew Speckles with a twist - Towards angular momentum smoothing of laser plasma
K-10092 LeFevre, Heath Laser-driven ultra-fast x-pinches
K-10101 Rusby, Dean Multi-Angle, Multi-Time, MeV Radiography Of High Energy Density
K-10104 McGuffey, Christopher Nanowire foam studies for photopumped x-ray backlighters
Laboratory for Laser Energetics: OMEGA EP
K-10066 Arran, Christopher Direct measurement of kinetic corrections to magnetic field generation and
transport in IFE-relevant plasmas
K-10069 Simpson, Raspberry Investigation and optimization of ion focusing for ion fast ignition inertial
confinement fusion
K-10088 Bolaños, Simon Measurement of Focused Proton Beams and Transport for Proton Fast Ignition

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