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Talbot-Lau x-ray deflectometer: Refraction-based HEDP imaging diagnostic

Jun 18, 2021. Publications


Talbot-Lau x-ray interferometry has been implemented to map electron density gradients in High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) experiments. X-ray backlighter targets have been evaluated for Talbot-Lau X-ray Deflectometry (TXD). Cu foils, wires, and sphere targets have been irradiated by 10–150 J, 8–30 ps laser pulses, while two pulsed-power generators (∼350 kA, 350 ns and ∼200 kA, 150 ns) have driven Cu wire, hybrid, and laser-cut x-pinches. A plasma ablation front generated by the Omega EP laser was imaged for the first time through TXD for densities >1023 cm−3. Backlighter optimization in combination with x-ray CCD, image plates, and x-ray film has been assessed in terms of spatial resolution and interferometer contrast for accurate plasma characterization through TXD in pulsed-power and high-intensity laser environments. The results obtained thus far demonstrate the potential of TXD as a powerful diagnostic for HEDP.

DOI: 10.1063/5.0043655

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