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LaserNetUS Encourages Submission of LCLS-MEC Proposals for IFE-Relevant Research by Feb. 21, 2024

Dec 20, 2023. Past Events


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We're delighted to announce that Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) is offering its complete optical and X-ray laser capabilities as part of the LCLS Run 23 call for Regular Proposals. In addition to general MEC science, we strongly encourage proposals addressing inertial fusion energy (IFE) programmatic research within the MEC science area. There is a goal to schedule up to 50% of MEC science experiments in the IFE area, aligning with recent guidance from the DOE.

IFE proposals should be directed to the MEC scientific panel, explicitly highlighting their focus on IFE and referencing the relevant PROs from the recent Inertial Fusion Energy Basic Research Needs Workshop Report. Within the MEC proposal review panel (PRP), an expert sub-panel dedicated to IFE basic research will be established. The LCLS website provides guidelines and a template for proposal submission.

The LCLS, the world's first hard X-ray free electron laser, outshining previous-generation light sources by over one billion times, offers ultrashort, tunable, spatially coherent X-rays at a high repetition rate. This unparalleled diagnostic capability is crucial for studying high energy density plasma states relevant to IFE basic research. It encompasses ultrafast sub-500 nm X-ray imaging with a spatially coherent beam, precision X-ray scattering like X-ray Thomson scattering (XRTS), meV inelastic phonon scattering, dynamic diffraction, and resonant or non-resonant core-hole scattering. Dense plasmas or dynamically compressed states can be induced using the 100 J pulse-shaped nanosecond long-pulse laser, the high-contrast 1 J, 40 fs CPA laser, or directly by the LCLS X-rays themselves. Identified IFE priority research areas where MEC can make robust contributions include ablator studies, intense laser coupling, model validation through precision measurements, high repetition rate plasma diagnostic applications, and fusion materials studies.

For a comprehensive list of parameters, standard platforms, and facility diagnostics, please refer to the MEC instrument page on the LCLS website.

A Virtual LCLS "Town Hall" User Meeting, scheduled for 9:00 AM Pacific Time on January 30, 2024, will be an opportunity to discuss Run 23. Additionally, a separate LaserNetUS Virtual Town Hall, focusing on MEC capabilities and the IFE aspect of the call, will be announced shortly.

Prospective users are encouraged to direct any questions about their proposals to Gilliss Dyer.

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