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Gilliss Dyer

Gilliss Dyer


Lead Scientist and Department Head of Matter in Extreme Conditions SRD at LCLS at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Dr. Gilliss Dyer is a Lead Scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Department Head of Matter in Extreme Conditions in the Science, Research, and Development division of LCLS. He leads the MEC instrument team, which is dedicated to supporting the user programs of LCLS and LaserNetUS and developing new scientific capabilities and techniques in the science of high energy density, dynamic materials, and plasmas, particularly those making use of the LCLS X-ray source. Dr. Dyer earned his BA in Mathematics and Physics from New College of Florida and his PhD in Physics at the University of Texas, Austin. His professional background includes extensive work in the development and use of multi-terawatt and petawatt high energy density laser plasma experimental capabilities, as well as the development and construction of the high power chirped pulse amplification lasers.


LaserNetUS Affiliations:

  • LaserNetUS Scientific Program Committee Member
  • LaserNetUS Facility POC for MEC


Featured Publications:

1.     Liang, E., Zheng, K. Q., Yao, K., Lo, W., Hasson, H., Zhang, A., … Dyer, G. (2022). A scintillator attenuation spectrometer for intense gamma-rays. Review of Scientific Instruments, 93(6), 063103. doi:

2.     Fletcher, L. B., Curry, C. B., Gauthier, M., Glenn, G. D., Chen, Z., Cunningham, E., … Glenzer, S. H. (2022). Investigation of hard x-ray emissions from terawatt laser-irradiated foils at the Matter in Extreme Conditions instrument of the Linac Coherent Light Source. Journal of Instrumentation, 17(04), T04004. doi:

3.     Dyer, G. (2021). Matter in Extreme Conditions Upgrade Conceptual Design Report. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Retrieved from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory website:

4.     Sawada, H., Trzaska, J., Curry, C. B., Gauthier, M., Fletcher, L. B., Jiang, S., … Sentoku, Y. (2021). 2D monochromatic x-ray imaging for beam monitoring of an x-ray free electron laser and a high-power femtosecond laser. Review of Scientific Instruments, 92(1), 013510. doi:

5.     Dyer, G., Bolme, C., & Glenzer, S. (2020). Seventh User Workshop on High-Power Lasers at the Linac Coherent Light Source. Instruments, 4(2), 13. doi:

6.     Nagler, B., Galtier, E. C., Brown, S. B., Heimann, P., Dyer, G., & Lee, H. J. (2020). Ronchi shearing interferometry for wavefronts with circular symmetry. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 27(Pt 6), 1461–1469. doi:

7.     Glenn, G. D., Tiwari, G., Dyer, G., Curry, C. B., Donovan, M. E., Gaul, E., … Ditmire, T. (2019). Improved large-energy-range magnetic electron-positron spectrometer for experiments with the Texas Petawatt Laser. Journal of Instrumentation, 14(03), P03012–P03012. doi:

8.     Cunningham, E., Galtier, E., Dyer, G., Robinson, J., & Fry, A. (2019). Pulse contrast enhancement via non-collinear sum-frequency generation with the signal and idler of an optical parametric amplifier. Applied Physics Letters, 114(22), 221106. doi:

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