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NLUF Call for Proposals for Experiments in FY2024-2025

Feb 6, 2023. Past Events

Application Deadline: February 6, 2023 (not later than 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time)

The NLUF Program provides access to the Omega Laser Facility for university and industry-led basic science experiments through an independent peer-review proposal process. Full details of this facility-use solicitation, eligibility, and submission information can be found in the Program Announcement available at the LLE website. 

Please pay attention to the updated Project Narrative guidelines, proposal review criteria and the requested appendices. 

For information about the Omega Laser Facility and further information about the NLUF program, including Omega User’s Guide, please visit:

Contact: Mingsheng Wei, NLUF Manager

Note: The FES-supported LaserNetUS user experiment is limited to the OMEGA EP Laser System. While the NNSA-supported NLUF access to the Omega Laser Facility includes both the 60-beam OMEGA Laser and the 4-beam OMEGA EP Laser. NNSA also funds General Atomics to provide fabrication support for standard or off-the-shelf types of targets as needed for awarded NLUF experiments. LLE manages the NLUF program. Proposals to NLUF must be led by scientists from U.S. universities and other institution of higher education or private-sector organizations.


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