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Multichannel Doppler fiber-imager spectrometer for spatiotemporal characterization of high-intensity laser-driven plasmas

Jun 4, 2024. Dissertations

We demonstrate a flexible multichannel fiber-based imaging Doppler spectrometer to characterize plasmas in high intensity (≥1 × 1018 W/cm2) laser-plasma experiments at high repetition rates. This instrument collects data from ×21 different plasma locations combining optical fibers and a single imaging spectrometer. This diagnostic maps the plasma velocity evolution as a function of time with sub-pico-second resolution. Experimental results showing 2D velocity measurements of plasma with 20 μm spatial resolution are presented. Intensities of the order of 1018 W/cm2 were used to generate a plasma, while a much less intense, frequency doubled (400 nm), probe beam (1011 W/cm2) was used to measure the Doppler shift from the plasma critical surface. The instrument can be scaled to a larger number of channels (e.g., 100) still using a single spectrometer.


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