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Single-Shot Diagnosis of Electron Energy Evolution via Streaked Betatron X Rays in a Curved Laser Wakefield Accelerator

Jun 4, 2024. Dissertations

We report on an experimental observation of the streaking of betatron x rays in a curved laser wakefield accelerator. The streaking of the betatron x rays was realized by launching a laser pulse into a plasma with a transverse density gradient. By controlling the plasma density and the density gradient, we realized the steering of the laser driver, electron beam, and betatron x rays simultaneously. Moreover, we observed an energy-angle correlation of the streaked betatron x rays and utilized it in diagnosing the electron acceleration process in a single-shot mode. Our work could also find applications in advanced control of laser beam and particle propagation. More importantly, the angular streaked betatron x ray has an intrinsic spatiotemporal correlation, which makes it a promising tool for single-shot pump-probe applications.


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