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A Flexible Proton Beam Imaging Energy Spectrometer (PROBIES) for High Repetition Rate or Single-Shot High Eenergy Density (HED) experiments

Dec 28, 2022. Publications


The PROBIES diagnostic is a new, highly flexible, imaging and energy spectrometer designed for laser-accelerated protons. The diagnostic can detect low-mode spatial variations in the proton beam profile while resolving multiple energies on a single detector or more. When a radiochromic film stack is employed for “single-shot mode,” the energy resolution of the stack can be greatly increased while reducing the need for large numbers of films; for example, a recently deployed version allowed for 180 unique energy measurements spanning ∼3 to 75 MeV with <0.4 MeV resolution using just 20 films vs 180 for a comparable traditional film and filter stack. When utilized with a scintillator, the diagnostic can be run in high-rep-rate (>Hz rate) mode to recover nine proton energy bins. We also demonstrate a deep learning-based method to analyze data from synthetic PROBIES images with greater than 95% accuracy on sub-millisecond timescales and retrained with experimental data to analyze real-world images on sub-millisecond time-scales with comparable accuracy.

DOI: 10.1063/5.0101845

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