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Design of flexible proton beam imaging energy spectrometers (PROBIES)

Oct 11, 2021. Publications


A simple repeating step-filtered structure has been designed and deployed for the detection of MeV-energy proton beams produced from high-intensity short-pulse laser-driven experiments. Due to the diagnostic's ability to recover energy-resolved images of proton beams, it is called the proton beam imager and energy spectrometer (or PROBIES). The flexible design has two useful applications. First, it can be fielded in a configuration with a scintillator and imaging setup in order to collect proton beam information in high-repetition rate experiments. Here we show a configuration that collects the equivalent of a nine-film radiochromic film (RCF) stack, and a technique for using a neural network (NN) to rapidly analyze the images on millisecond time-scales. Second, when using RCF stacks as the detector, the energy resolution capability is greatly increased compared to traditional RCF stacks, while simultaneously reducing the total number of films required to make each measurement. We demonstrate a configuration that provides up to 90 spatially- and energy-resolved datapoints using just ten films. Both designs presented here can be easily customized for anticipated experimental outputs and manufactured at low cost. Such designs allow for rapid prototyping using modern high-accuracy 3D printers or on-demand computer numerical control machining to reduce the reliance on time-consuming film media, analysis, or bulky electro-magnetically dispersing spectrometers. The analysis of data is discussed and a methodology for constructing a NN that is capable of rapidly analyzing data on-the-fly with greater than 95% accuracy is presented.


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