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APS HEDP Community Planning Process Meeting

Jul 16, 2019. Past Events

The 1st community workshop of the High Energy Density Physics topical area will be held in the Washington DC area July 16-17, 2019. This workshop will include presentations by scientific community members on proposed plasma science initiatives, breakout sessions by expert groups for discussing and refining these proposals, and forums on cross-cutting issues that affect all topical areas within Fusion Energy Sciences at the DOE. Additional details, including the agenda and how to register, will be added to the DPP-CPP website and announced as they become available. Broad participation in this workshop is encouraged. Participants will be asked to self-identify into areas of expertise if they wish to participate in the expert group process.

Submission of experimental, theoretical, and computational initiatives in these areas are encouraged. Discussion of topics of scientific interest that go beyond those plasma physics areas presently supported by DOE FES is also encouraged. If you would like to request that your initiative be presented at the workshop, please submit initiative white paper through the by July 1. Please note that we will continue to accept white papers and after this date, and revisions or updates can be submitted at any time. More information about the process, organization, and how to get involved, please visit the DPP-CPP website.

APS HEDP CPP Meeting Registration

Location: The Hotel at the University of Maryland

College Park, Maryland

Salons F&G

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