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Valeria Ospina

Dr. Valeria Ospina-Bohórquez is an early career experimental and numerical plasma physicist with an extensive experience of more than five year as hands-on user of several European laser facilities (PHELIX, CSU, VEGA-2, VEGA-3, PALS and LULI2000) as well as LaserNetUS CSU ALEPH, where she has been part of two experiments. She also has experience performing particle in cell simulations of laser-plasma interaction. Valeria has recently joined the American-German fusion startup Focused Energy and is currently working on kinetic modelling of laser-driven ion acceleration in the context of proton fast ignition.

Valeria developed her PhD research at the CELIA laboratory (University of Bordeaux) and at CEA-DAM in France (the French equivalent of LLNL). Her PhD was centered on studying both experimentally and through large-scale particle-in-cell simulations the acceleration of ions from high density gases. In parallel, she also worked on the generation and characterization of magnetic fields from capacitor coil targets for magnetized implosions in the inertial confinement fusion context as well as the measurement of ion stopping power in warm dense matter. Each of these areas of research required strong development from the diagnostics side which Valeria either lead or was part of. 


LaserNetUS Affiliations:

  • LaserNetUS DDC member

  • Diagnostics Committee