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Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill


Group Leader - Short Pulse Laser Science and Applications at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Matthew Hill is the Group Leader for Short Pulse Laser Science and Applications within NIF & Photon Sciences at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His group executes world-leading experiments and develops thecutting-edge diagnostics, sources, analysis techniques, experimental designs and target systems required to exploit the most intense laser sources in the world, advancing the state-of-the-art in high energy density science and delivering to the vital national security mission of the NNSA. Matt graduated with an MPhys from the University of Sussex and a Ph.D. from Leeds University in the UK before joining AWE as a staff scientist in 2008, where he was heavily involved in commissioning the Orion laser facility and led work investigating petawatt-drivennanostructured targets, MeV x-ray generation, proton-heated warm dense matter, short pulse neutron sources, and other applications. He moved to the US in 2018, initially focusing on Rayleigh-Taylor experiments at the National Ignition Facility, before joining LLNL as a staff scientist in the Short Pulse Laser Science and Applications group in 2022. An experienced PI at many international laser facilities, he is also an active peer reviewer, contributor to workshops and review panels, and member of the Omega Laser User Group Executive Committee.


LaserNetUS Affiliations:

- Member, Proposal Review Panel, Cycles 1-4
- PI (CSU-ALEPH), Cycle 5

Featured Publications + DOI:

1. Development of a bright MeV photon source with compound parabolic concentrator targets on the NIF-ARC laser
S. M. Kerr et al., Physics of Plasmas 30 (1) (2023)

2. Observations of the effect of ionization-potential depression in hot dense plasma
D. J. Hoarty et al., Physical review letters 110 (26), 265003 (2013)


3. Extreme hardening of Pb at high pressure and strain rate
A. Krygier et al., Physical Review Letters 123 (20), 205701 (2019)

4. High resolution >40 keV x-ray radiography using an edge-on micro-flag backlighter at NIF-ARC
M. P. Hill et al., Review of Scientific Instruments 92 (3) (2017)

5. Scaling the yield of laser-driven electron-positron jets to laboratory astrophysical applications
H. Chen et al., Physical review letters 114 (21), 215001 (2015)

  • I-USE: Intense-light USers Engagment Committee