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Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace


PhD Candidate at the Department of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Grace is the 2022 High Energy Density Science Center Fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where she works on the development of new diagnostics for energetic particles that result from laser interactions with matter. She obtained her PhD in Physics from Georgia Tech in 2022, specializing in single-shot optical diagnostics for high power (>TW) laser systems. She hikes and cycles in her spare time, and she believes that science should be made accessible to everyone. 

Featured Publications:

E. Grace, T. Ma, Z. Guang, R. Simpson, G. Scott, D. Mariscal, and R. Trebino; Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 63(12): 124005 (2021) 

E. Grace, T. Ma, Z. Guang, R. Jafari, J. Park, J. Clark, E. Kemp, J. Moody, M. Rhodes, Y. Ping, R. Shepherd, B. Stuart, and R. Trebino; Journal of Optics 23: 075505 (2021) 

E. Grace, T. Ma, Z. Guang, D. Alessi, S. Herriot, M. Rhodes, J. Park, and R. Trebino; Review of Scientific Instruments 92(5):053003 (2021) 


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