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Dean Rusby

Dean Rusby


Lead Experimentalist for MeV Laser Radiography at LLNL

Dr. Dean Rusby is a lead experimentalist for the LLNL MeV Laser Radiography project. During his PhD at the Central Laser Facility in the UK, he participated in experimental campaigns developing x-rays sources and scintillator-based diagnostics for imaging and spectral analysis. Upon joining LLNL as a post-doc, he worked on developing a MeV x-ray source using the ARC laser, utilizing the recently developed Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPC). He has conducted several experiments using the CPCs to better understand their operation on high-intensity lasers. He has led or supported the development of a range of x-ray diagnostics and their analysis routines, including differential filters, real-time nuclear activation, and exploring novel methods to quantify x-ray spectra at MeV energies.

  • Diagnostics Committee