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Winter 2022 Virtual Course "Introduction to Plasma Physics" for Undergraduate Students

Jan 26, 2022. News

Register Now: Introduction to Plasma Physics – Small College Plasma Consortium

Are you curious about learning more about plasmas? Maybe you are looking at getting involved in fusion energy? Maybe you are just curious to learn more about the interior of stars and gas giants? Are you a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate in physics or engineering? We are offering a free remote introduction to plasma physics reading course, which will start January 31st and will last 13 weeks (spring semester).

Sometimes getting involved in a new topic can be overwhelming. To lower the barrier of getting started on a research topic related to plasma physics, we plan to teach a plasma physics class for 2nd and 3rd undergraduate students. This class will be offered via zoom (and live at the College of William & Mary) and will be taught as a reading class. In a reading class, each week, students will be assigned parts of a textbook to read and work through as preparation for class. During the lecture itself, Prof. Saskia Mordijck will first give a short summary of the material. Depending on the topic, the instructor might expand beyond what is in the textbook or connect the material to concepts that might relate to ongoing research questions.

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