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Mario Manuel

Mario Manuel


Scientist at General Atomics

Dr. Mario Manuel is a research scientist at General Atomics (GA) performing research in magnetized high-energy-density physics and laser-based radiation-source development. Dr. Manuel received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013 and received the Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in 2014 for his work to measure self-generated magnetic fields in ablatively driven Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. Dr. Manuel earned an Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics to study magnetic-field effects in high-energy-density systems relevant to astrophysical objects at the University of Michigan. Now at GA, Dr. Manuel is leading the effort to build a facility for developing rep-rated technologies, including advanced targetry deployment systems, particle diagnostics capable of operations up to 10Hz, and control systems utilizing diagnostic outputs; the General Atomics LAboratory for Developing Rep-rated Instrumentation for Experiments with Lasers (GALADRIEL).

Featured Publications:

  1. M. J.-E. Manuel, H. Tang, B. K. Russell, L. Willingale, A. Maksimchuk, J.S. Green, E.L. Alfonso, J. Jaquez, L. Carlson, D. Neely, T. Ma, “Enhanced spatial resolution of Eljen-204 plastic scintillators for use in rep-rated proton diagnostics”, Rev Sci Inst, 91, 103301 (2020). doi:
  2. M. J.-E. Manuel, J. Strehlow, J.S. Green, D. Parker, E. L. Alfonso, J. Jaquez, L. Carlson, D. Neely, F. N. Beg, T. Ma, “Intrinsic resolution limits of monolithic organic scintillators for use in rep-rated proton imaging”, Nucl Instr and Meth A, 913, 103, (2019). doi:
  3. M. J.-E. Manuel, A. B. Sefkow, C. C. Kuranz, A. M. Rasmus, S. R. Klein, M. J. MacDonald, M. R. Trantham, J. R. Fein, P. X. Belancourt, R. P. Young, P. A. Keiter, B. B. Pollock, J. Park, A. U. Hazi, G. J. Williams, H. Chen, R. P. Drake, “Magnetized Disruption of Inertially Confined Plasma Flows”, Phys Rev Lett, 122, 225001, (2019). doi:
  4. M. J.-E. Manuel, C. K. Li, F. H. Seguin, J. A. Frenje, D. T. Casey, R. D. Petrasso, S. X. Hu, R. Betti, J. Hager, D. D. Meyerhofer, V. Smalyuk, “First Measurements of Rayleigh-Taylor-Induced Magnetic Fields in Laser-produced Plasmas”, Phys Rev Lett, 108, 255006 (2012). doi:


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