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Jun Ren

Jun Ren


Associate Professor at Delaware State University

Dr. Jun Ren is an associate Professor of Engineering Science at the Division of Physics, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delaware State University. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. She joined Delaware State University as a faculty in 2015. Her expertise is in the field of laser matter interactions, with plasma, such as, laser produced plasma emission spectroscopy, plasma as a medium for coherent light emission, plasma interaction with the extreme light, and new material properties by light excitations under the plasma mediation. Her recent research expansions include computer infrastructure developments to support plasma, spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations, and new computing paradigms in quantum computing. She has been involved in various commitments and activities for underrepresented minority students in STEM fields, including serving as a faculty advisor for Delaware State University student chapter of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) during 2017 -2020. In her roles, she supervised student intern opportunities, student travels funding opportunities and career development and connections with tech companies. She serves on the DOE LaserNetUS as a student experience and on the outreach committee.


LaserNetUS Affiliations:

  • LaserNetUS Student Experience


Featured Publications + DOI:

1.     J.Ren, W. Cheng, S. Li and S. Suckewer, "A new method for generating ultraintense and ultrashort laser pulses," Nature Phys. 3, 732-736 (2007).

2.     S. Palaniyappan, B. Hegelich, H. Wu, D. Jung, D. Gautier, L. Yin, B. Albright, R. Johnson, T. Shimada, S. Letzring, D. Offermann, J. Ren, C. Huang, R. Hörlein, B. Dromey, J. Fernandez and R. Shah, "Dynamics of relativistic transparency and optical shuttering in expanding overdense plasmas," Nature Phys. 8, 763-769 (2012).

3.     Y. Yu, J. Ren and M. Tanzy, "Raman Soliton in Nanoscale Optical Waveguides, with Metamaterials, having Polynomial mode nonlinearity by Collective Variables Method", p.175-185, Emerging Waveguide Technology, InTechOpen, Croatia, ISBN: 978-1-78923-493-o, 2018;

4.     M. Rasamny, A. Martinez, L. Xin, J. Ren, E. Zerrad,, " Resonant Energy Transfer, with Creation of Hyper-Excited Atoms, and Molecular Auto-Ionization in a Cold Rydberg Gas ", J. Mod. Phys. 12, no. 9, 1210-1218 (2021). 

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