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Arianna Gleason


Staff Scientist & Adjunct Faculty at SLAC & Stanford University

Arianna Gleason

Arianna Gleason received her PhD in Earth and Planetary Science from the University of California, Berkeley in 2010. She joined Stanford University as a postdoctoral scholar in 2010 and then worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Shock and Detonation Physics group before joining SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory as a staff scientist in 2018. Her passion is visualizing materials behavior and response across all length-scales at the most extreme environments possible in nature – from planetary cores to stellar interiors or for fusion energy and novel materials design. This allows her to reveal natures secrets of high-pressure mineral physics and planetary evolution from the atomic level up.  In 2019 she received the Department of Energy’s Early Career Award from the Office of Science, Fusion Energy Science, and recently served on the FES Science Advisory Committee for  Long Range Planning.

Featured Publications:

  1. Merkel, S., Hok, S., Bolme, C, Rittman, D., Ramos, K., Morrow, B., Lee, H.J., Nagler, B., Galtier, E., Granados, E., Hashim, A., Mao, W., Gleason, A. “Femtosecond  visualization of hcp-iron strength and plasticity under shock-compression” Physical Review Letters 127, 205501 (2021).
  2. Gleason, A., Bolme, C., Lee, H.J., Nagler, B., Galtier, E., Kraus, R., Sandberg, R., Yang, W., Langenhorst, F., Mao, W. “Time-resolved diffraction of shock- released SiO2 and diaplectic glass formation” Nature Communications, 8, 1481 (2017).


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