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Amina Hussein

Amina Hussein


Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in Laser-Plasma Based Diagnostics at the University of Alberta

Dr. Amina Hussein is an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta in Canada and a Canada Research Chair in Laser-Plasma Based Diagnostics. She leads a research group exploring high-intensity laser-matter interactions, including laser-driven beam and radiation sources, with applications in fundamental physics, industry and sustainable agriculture. Her research has been supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Alberta Innovates, the US Department of Energy, among others. Dr. Hussein received her BSc  in Honours Physics from McGill University in 2013, a MS in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University in 2015, and a PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2019, where she was a member of the Gérard Mourou Center for Ultrafast Optical Science. She was a University of California President’s Postdoctoral fellow in Physics at the University of California Irvine from 2019-2020. 

LaserNetUS Affiliations:

  • LaserNetUS Co-Chair of I-USE
  • LaserNetUS Cycle 2, 3 and 4 Principal Investigator, Cycle 5 Co-PI

Featured Publications:

  • NF Beier, H Allison, P Efthimion, KA Flippo, L Gao, SB Hansen, K Hill, R Hollinger, M Logantha, Y Musthafa, R Nedbailo, V Senthilkumaran, R Shepherd, VN Shlyaptsev, H Song, S Wang, F Dollar, JJ Rocca, AE Hussein, “Homogeneous, micron-scale high-energy-density matter generated by relativistic laser-solid interactions”, Physical Review Letters 13 135001 (2022)
  • AE Hussein, JD Ludwig, Y Ma, P-E Masson-Laborde, PJ Skrodzki, J Hinojosa, E Peterson, I Jovanovic, A Maksimchuk, J Nees, AGR Thomas, W Rozmus, K Krushelnick, “Direct spectral measurements of midinfrared radiation from a laser wakefield accelerator”, Physical Review A 6 063505 (2022)
  • A.E. Hussein, A.V. Arefiev, T. Batson, H. Chen, R.S. Craxton, A.S. Davies, D.H. Froula, Z. Gong, D. Haberberger, Y. Ma, P.M. Nilson, W. Theobald, T. Wang, K. Weichman, G.J. Williams, L. Willingale, “Towards the optimization of direct laser acceleration”, New Journal of Physics, 23 023031 (2021)
  • Y. Ma, D. Seipt, A.E. Hussein, S. Hakimi, N.F. Beier, S.B. Hansen, J. Hinojosa, A. Maksimchuk, J. Nees, K. Krushelnick, A.G.R. Thomas, F. Dollar, Polarization-dependent self-injection by above threshold ionization heating in a laser wakefield accelerator, Physical Review Letters, 124, 114801 (2020)
  • A.E. Hussein, N. Senabulya, Y. Ma, M.J.V. Streeter, B. Kettle, S.J.D. Dann, F. Albert, N. Bourgeois, S. Cipiccia, J.M. Cole, O. Finlay, E. Gerstmayr, I. Gallardo Gonz ìalez, A. Higginbotham, D.A. Jaroszynski, K. Falk, K. Krushelnick, N. Lemos, N.C. Lopes, C. Lumsdon, O. Lundh, S.P.D. Mangles, Z. Najmudin, P.P. Rajeev, C.M. Schleputz, M. Shahzad, M. Smid, R. Spesyvtsev, D.R. Symes, G. Vieux, L. Willingale, J. C. Wood, A.J. Shahani and A.G.R. Thomas, “Laser-wakefield accelerators for high-resolution X-ray imaging of complex microstructures”, Scientific Reports, 9, 3249 (2019)

  • I-USE: Intense-light USers Engagment Committee
  • Outreach Committee