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Enhancements in laser-generated hot-electron production via focusing cone targets at short pulse and high contrast

May 14, 2021. Publications


We report on the increase in the accelerated electron number and energy using compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) targets from a short-pulse (∼150 fs), high-intensity (>1018 W/cm2), and high-contrast (∼108) laser-solid interaction. We report on experimental measurements using CPC targets where the hot-electron temperature is enhanced up to ∼9 times when compared to planar targets. The temperature measured from the CPC target is ⟨Te⟩=4.4±1.3 MeV. Using hydrodynamic and particle in cell simulations, we identify the primary source of this temperature enhancement is the intensity increase caused by the CPC geometry that focuses the laser, reducing the focal spot and therefore increasing the intensity of the laser-solid interaction, which is also consistent with analytic expectations for the geometrical focusing.

D. R. Rusby, P. M. King, A. Pak, N. Lemos, S. Kerr, G. Cochran, I. Pagano, A. Hannasch, H. Quevedo, M. Spinks, M. Donovan, A. Link, A. Kemp, S. C. Wilks, G. J. Williams, M. J.-E. Manuel, Z. Gavin, A. Haid, F. Albert, M. Aufderheide, H. Chen, C. W. Siders, A. Macphee, and A. Mackinnon

Phys. Rev. E 103, 053207 (2021); DOI:

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