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Enhanced spatial resolution of Eljen-204 plastic scintillators for use in rep-rated proton diagnostics

Oct 8, 2020. Publications


A pixelated scintillator has been designed, fabricated, and tested using a laser-accelerated proton source for use in proton diagnostics at rep-rated laser facilities. The work presented here demonstrates the enhanced spatial resolution of thin, organic scintillators through a novel pixelation technique. Experimental measurements using laser-generated protons incident onto 130 μm-thick scintillators indicate a >20% reduction in the scintillator point spread function (PSF) for the detectors tested. The best performing pixelated detector reduced the ∼200 μm PSF of the stock material to ∼150 μm. The fabrication technique may be tailored to reduce the pixel size and achieve higher spatial resolutions.

M. J.-E. Manuel, H. Tang, B. K. Russell, L. Willingale, A. Maksimchuk2, J. S. Green3, E. L. Alfonso, J. Jaquez1, L. Carlson, D. Neely, and T. Ma

Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 103301 (2020); DOI:

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